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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget

A friend Eric I Stand Up Comedian  wrote these words, which I found to be perfect for today. 
Sometimes, people do evil things.

Sometimes, evil things end up hurting innocent people tremendously.

Don't be convinced, by another, or by your own greed, or by your own envy, to do an evil thing.

Don't tolerate the behavior of people who do evil things.

Don't be afraid to say &/or do unpopular things, even to your detriment, if it will stop the spread of evil.

And as hard as it is to do all of the above and to STILL be a trusting person - be a trusting person.

Never forget.
~ Eric I , Stand Up Comic

Never forget.

...took my yearly walk yesterday downtown and have many thoughts and pictures to share...but for today I found what Eric said to be the best words to share...thank you Eric.

Today was a day to look around and remember how lucky we all are to have the people we have in our lives, and never forget... to be happy.

God Bless my fallen brothers and sisters, and I pray for a safe passage home for my brothers and sisters who remain at war.. 

God bless all of you..

~ Edward ...King of New York Hacks


  1. We didn't forget, King. We gathered to honor and pray today, in little old Urbana, IL. We wept with bagpipes and 21-gun salute.

  2. Your friend has the right idea, my friend Val does too.
    check out her 9/11 post...

  3. Perfect words, perefect thoughts, a perfect post.

    thank you King, we will never forget!

  4. Today I want to be angry, but tomorrow I will go back to work and continue on so the bastards will never win.

    They will not change me, I will not hate. But for one day each year I feel it necessary to be angry....for all those victims that didn't deserve any of this and all those soldiers that fought for my rights. God Bless Them all.

    Today I consider myself a New Yorker, a Pentagon worker and a passenger aboard Flight 93. Today we are all one.

  5. It's both painful and uplifting to remember.

  6. Thank you!

    Therefore I've reminded of that day and this year I've brought your post to Germany again. Thank YOU, I hope you give me your permission...
    Greetings from Germany, Petra

  7. This is my favorite post of the day.
    Never, will I forget.

    God Bless you too, King.

  8. Thank you for stopping by today and giving your insights - I see we both know Chrissy, lovely lady she is! I'm honored to have a true New Yorker royalty visit - but in all seriousness - my heart always goes out to those who had to live it up close - and not watch it on TV. Yes, it changed all of us, and like Rita says, it's hard not to maintain anger at those whackos who did this, but we are better than that. And your friend shows how we can rise above ...

  9. Hi Edward, I thought of you today in the Great NYC. I'll look forward to seeing your photos. In the meantime-- Amen to Eric's words.
    Be well, jj

  10. Stopped by just for this today King ~ of course ~ h*o*p*e ~

    and had and unusual thing happened just last night (saturday)you might like this story - a chick I know fairly well asked where I grew up, and I told her, (basically Colorado/Illinois suburbs) and she was shocked - she had me pegged for a New Yorker.
    I got a real kick out of it! how random! & of course thought of I did today ~
    * : )

  11. We will never forget. I did think of you today Edward.

  12. South Korea people who do evil will not tolerate their behavior.

  13. Nice tribute, King. May NY's grief be sweet in the end. But yes, never forget.

    Adrian the cabbie.

  14. Despite the horrors of the past, I am a firm believer in humanity and its potential for greater good. Excellent post, thanks for sharing!