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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Old School Ice Cream, New York Style !!

These are a rare breed. Eddie's sweet shop in Forest Hills , Queens. I asked my customer who was an older woman if this is a place I should visit, and she looked at me like I had three heads and replied, " Honey, my grandfather took me there for my first sundae and now I take my grandson, everything is homemade" and she said "the whipped cream is amazing." "A great touch is the when the bowl of homemade whipped cream is pulled from a refrigerator to be used in topping a hot fudge sundae--nothing industrial or canned here." Ok, I'm sold. Eddie's is an old time sweet shop complete with homemade Egg Creams, Vanilla or Chocolate (Chocolate milk or Vanilla Milk and seltzer I LOVE Vanilla Egg Creams ! ), a New York staple that many people forget about. I don't think there is any more old time Ice Cream parlors like this left in the world except for the fake ones like Johnny Rockets. I just took a peek in after she got out of the car , but I'll do a follow up post on what seems like one of the last true genuine homemade ice cream soda fountain joints with barstools and all the goodies I had when I was a kid in Queens that used to be all over the city. I'll be sure to take my nephews and niece to get the true children's point of view as well. Although my brain works on the 5 year old level anyway , even if I am The King Of New York Hacks.


  1. Yes these were nice places to go to and have an ice cream soda or to hand out with your friends. But that was in the 50s and 60s this is the year 2008. These mom and pop stores cant survive in todays market. Most of these stores are fronts for something illegal such as running #s, gambling or eating exotic game. That hair that you somtimes find in your food could actually be FUR...!!! Enjoy your whipped cream, King.

  2. although I have been to Eddie's and have enjoyed it immensely....I think schlitze has a loose screw , and to think that a 3rd generation ice cream place is a front, can only mean he's from Staten Island.

  3. ahahahaha, your commenters are funny folks. how true, how true, only a Staten Islander would think such things.

    That looks like a great place.

  4. I wondering what an egg cream is.
    I look forward to your follow-up post so you can confirm, once and for all, whether this seemingly sweet place is a front for something other than desserts.

  5. An egg cream consists of three things. Milk, chocolate syrup, seltzer. Mix well and wha la you have an egg cream. I know it sounds strange there are no egg or cream in this drink but it is very good if mixed correctly. This place probably uses Panda milk rather then Cow's milk

  6. Haha! Panda milk!
    Well, ok. As long as they aren't using Galapagos turtle milk...

  7. I lived a few blocks from Eddie's for a while, and it was absolutely wonderful. The ideal "cheap date" was a movie at the Cinemart (I have no idea if that theater is still there) followed by ice cream at Eddie's.

    But to show what a quirky, odd place Eddie's was, they used to close down for a two week vacation EVERY SUMMER! Right at the time of year you'd think ice cream sales would be at their peak, Eddie's would shut down.

    Of course, if you wanted a great sundae on December 23rd, this was the place!

  8. Astorian just answerd my question. What ice cream parlor closes down for 2 weeks in the summer time? A fake one would. King, what ever you do, do not go into the back room of this place, do not I repeat do not order a hamburger either. But if you do the best way to cook lion meat is.... "RAW"

  9. Does he sell bulls eyes, I can't get them anywhere!

  10. Yum! Don't forget to take your camera when you go. Homemade whipping cream; I can't imagine a sundae with the real thing on it. They don't do that at DQ.

  11. Well, if this place WAS a front for something sinister, they sure went out of their way to make good ice cream. If they were fakes, why didn't they just serve pre-packaged Sealtest or Breyer's or something, rather than making great ice cream that attracted actual paying customers!

    The ice cream HAD to be great, because the service was... not. My stepfather used to call Eddies H.Y.H., because the old guy who owned it was a slow-moving old cuss, and if you asked him where your order was, half an hour after you placed it, he'd snap "Hold you horse!" (Not "Hold your horses, just "Hold you horse," singular).

    But when he DID finally get around to serving you, it was worth it.

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