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Saturday, September 11, 2010


This is a VERY LONG POST...There are GRAPHIC IMAGES AND VIDEOS that are not for the faint of heart so please be forewarned that this is not my usual blogging mode, and some of the material I have used from my pictures, and a few videos I found on the net, are disturbing. However I am trying to juxtapose my walk with my memories, feelings, and blunt thoughts to make sure we never become complacent or be distracted by what happened on that awful day September 11, 2001...A day we MUST NEVER EVER FORGET.

I encourage all my new readers to read my prior Tributes from 2008, and 2009 where the links are on the right hand sidebar.

Those past Tributes I posted are different from this one, but I believe you may get something from those past Tributes and from the pictures I have posted to see a first hand look at the museums, tributes, and memorials in the past as well as the ones I will present in this post.

So I took my annual walk around Ground Zero on the 8th of September this year. I went in early just like I did when I worked at 4 World Trade so many years ago. I spent most of the morning walking into many of the places I used to walk by or stop in, and went to many new places as the downtown that existed before our Freedom was attacked and The World Trade center was evaporated whilst murdering my friends and fellow Americans, has developed over the last year and it was the first time I felt good and felt enthusiastic about our future being that for NINE years it has been just a pit....that has left a pit in many. I won't let people not remember this day or try to put a different spin on it to make it some kind of holiday that they can capitalize on. This happened. We must REMEMBER.

My walks still bring many strong emotions...sadness, frustration, anger, confusion...pity for the people who use it as a distraction to make money on real estate and other items at the expense of trampling on The American Spirit, and a code of conduct that I believe should be held sacred at that hallowed ground where our lives and country were changed...FOREVER.

I am not going to discuss the Mosque in depth, but I will tell you I did walk by it, and there were newscasters outside and a few posters with Thomas Jefferson quotes taped to the building... and anyone who walks by it is approached by news-people or a protester trying to get peoples statements and thoughts on the matter ...I declined and kept on my walk...I refuse to be distracted by anyone or event that is trying to interrupt my personal journey through a sacred and consecrated ground that changed the world, and should not be taken lightly. I work with many Muslims, and some are for it and some think its poor timing and that's that.

I am more concerned about rebuilding what once was and making it a place that was an incredible environment that once you were there it felt electric...This year was the first year that I felt progress and an atmosphere that good things are coming, but not without the expense of people still suffering from that day...people still dying and not getting health care they need, or suffer PTSD and many other health related problems related to working in that environment in the aftermath...These people need to be recognized and not ignored, another reason we must REMEMBER. There is still a lot of unfinished business to attend to, and I hope we pull together as a country to make it right again. I will try to be brief with my comments as I told you this may take a few visits to get through, it is painful but it also shows that there is progress finally happening at Ground Zero which has been dormant too long. You can click on the pics to enlarge.

This is more of an informative post rather than my prior Tributes which were emotional, but I want you to see first hand whats happening in New York at Ground Zero.

The following is a quote I found in Trinity Church.

The front of Trinity Church.

People relaxing, waiting for friends, this is a popular stop and meeting place for people as it is directly across from Wall St.

The day started out a bit overcast but was shaping up nicely...

Take a look at this corner and in the bottom left corner the signn says "cleaner". That is the same sign that was there on 9/11.

This video is of the same corner at the moment of the unimaginable. REMEMBER.
1 minute and 55 seconds.

This is a different Museum from The WTC Tribute Museum which is on the opposite end of Ground Zero. This Museum didn't have much aside from a lot of materialistic items for sale and I will post on a later date about those items...but not today..The Museum I showed you last year has not changed at all so I did not post any pictures being that you can visit the 2008 Tribute should you like to see that museum. The Motorcycle in the window is for The Brotherhood of Electricians and is dedicated to the members who were assassinated that day.

There is a Statue of Liberty with Tributes sent and clipped to her from around the world.

Even an American Flag made out of Lego's.

Captain Pat Brown book for sale...This is the 3rd time I have posted Captain Brown from 3 different walks I have taken...a true hero. RIP brother.

Here is New York is another book and a website dedicated with pictures from amateurs and professionals. The website has many photos, much more than the book, they are very graphic but I am posting them because it happened. If you are squeamish, I recommend scrolling past this part...

This WAS New York City...The Air Quality was so terrible many people are dying today because of the information we did not know.

The Firefighters, The Medics, The Police..Everyone that was there participated in helping each other through this tragic and unprecedented day. They are all heroes and should be treated as such.

The confusion and horror they witnessed. These pages tell the tale with no words.

They attacked with no thought of race.

...or color.

...not by religion.

or gender.

...and we must never forget that. EVER.


Cowardly attacks on innocent people...burning...they had no place to go...they jumped...all we could do was watch.

...and they kept jumping...Watch the first 30 seconds and then from 3:45 to 4:00.It shows people jumping, and impact. This is very graphic over 5 minutes long but shows how horrific a crime was committed that day. VERY GRAPHIC but we must REMEMBER.

This I can not forget...won't forget...I choose to REMEMBER.

REMEMBER our FREEDOM was attacked.

We will never forget...REMEMBER.

We WILL remember and we WILL rebuild and we WILL remain...We ARE New York...we ARE Americans...and we WILL restore the spirit that once was because we have ...

The WILL to do so.

Fuck You Bin Laden...and whoever else was responsible for murdering innocent people.

This short film was playing on the museum wall as I looked through the pages and I found it on you is called Project is a trailer for a Documentary and shows the progress of building and interviews with people who suffered from this tragic crime.
It is under 4 minutes and well worth the watch.

After the movie they showed these facts.

Because we can never forget.

Fact.? I hope this is true as we have heard this for too long.

I remember my walk in 2008 into St Paul's Chapel which I also did today...and this is a new addition that I haven't seen...but I never want to see the pews of a Church used like this again.

FDNY Turnout Gear hanging while recovery workers rested.

God Bless you all.

An event that led to a war that is heading into its 10th year...The Soldiers REMEMBER.

Oklahoma suffered and they were helping the World did..They REMEMBER.

Sent a sign as big as the organ...and their hearts are much larger speaking of organs.


The Hands of God...A beautiful Chalice.

It is Universal the pain. L'shanah tovah my friends. Thanks for stopping by.

When I first arrive as I walked out of the subway this was the first thing I saw as I looked up...Not the American Eagle, but this pigeon is standing guard on the subway light keeping warm as he overlooks the progress at Ground Zero.

Finally I can say Progress !

Red Cranes.

Yellow Cranes .

Lots of cranes !! ...and what was different than my prior walks of past years was , every crane was in working action and moving in every direction lifting and placing...BUILDING !!!
That is the exterior of the repaired World Financial Center.

Asshat Newscasters trying to stir up shit because they have nothing better to do...Asshat.

....but the cranes and backhoes keep on moving along.

What used to be the pit is now growing and no longer a pit.

Barriers closing off the area to vehicles.

This is a Tribute fountain by artist Jeff Koons called Balloon Flower. I was there early enough before they turned the fountain on. It is in front of 7 World Trade Center which was the last building to collapse that day, and the first rebuilt. It is billed as the safest skyscraper in The United States.

Black Granite Tribute with September 11, 2001 and a pigeon paying his respects.

The king inside the balloon with the Federal Building behind me.

The front of 7 World Trade Center...Moody's is based here and leased for 20 years I believe.

7 World Trade...52 stories and is 741 ft lets get the rest of them up.

Rising up.

The staging area where construction workers check in, get security clearance and begin there day rebuilding what we have waited so long for. This is the first time out of my walks I have seen so much activity and workers coming and going...I believe they are going to get these up in record time. Every race creed and gender are helping build our future.

So much equipment and not to many places to get shots of it but it gives you an idea of how busy the sight is now.

After I took that shot I walked over to The American Express Lobby in the World Financial Center...I wanted to see a Memorial they built in honor of the eleven members from the company that were murdered that day. Heading up into the lobby. God Bless America.

A history of American Express.

...Don't leave home without it ! Commercials with Karl Malden playing continuously. lol


2001 ...a lot of history in between I would say.

I didn't photo all the people but a few to give you some insight on the memorial.
11 people...REMEMBER.

11 tears Memorial. The work was designed by landscape architect Ken Smith, a native of Iowa who now lives and works in lower Manhattan. It “unites sky and ground, heaven and earth” and incorporates natural elements: water, light, quartz crystal and black granite.


Directly out these windows you can see one of the new World Trade Center buildings rising.

Wires to the ceiling that carry the tears.







At the center is a 600 pound tear-shaped piece of Brazilian quartz, which was carved to have 11 sides, one for each victim.

Shops and Restaurants again.

These banners were advertising all the new Museums Downtown a few years ago, now they are advertising the events that go on all spring and summer.

There is a pulse here in Downtown again...a strong one...and it feels good.

The workers are tirelessly making quick work of things to come.

The walkway around where the Memorial Pools will be next year.

The Flags are raised and flying.

The fountains are functional bringing more life to the area.

Even Santa Claus stopped by eating a Fruit salad...I like this new downtown.
KING:"Hey Santa,let me buy you a slice of Pizza bro ! I owe you for that Atari Game system when I was a kid !"
SANTA:"Fuck off King !!"

Yes..New York is getting stronger every day.

New York City is being rebuilt. Period.

A building rising where on my previous walks was just empty space.

This shot shows what the Ironworkers Local 40 want "Buy American" ...and if you look at the windows in the upper left corner, there are symbols for all religions in them.

One World Trade Center...I still don't understand when it was supposed to be called "The Freedom Tower"...but that's for another post.

FDNY 10 House lost 6 members that day and are still in action responding to the call.

Thank you.

The progress and action taking place is inspiring and long overdue.

I used to walk up this block and see my building that I worked in, now they will have the street go straight through to Tribeca with the building going up taking the place of what once was.

The Future Fulton St Transit hub.

Interior of the future hub.

A fellow yellow watching the rising of New York again.

Hot dog ?

...and New York City charges forward as the Flags are flown at half mast recognizing we are still at War...and there is still so much to be done...we must charge forward just like The Bull...

We Must.

We will carry on the great spirit of New York City and not let our sense of humor be destroyed as I take a picture of a woman rubbing Bulls Balls on Broadway...why don't they put this in the paper everyday instead of all the BULLshit.

People who don't know of The Wall St Bull, if you rub his balls its good luck and you will have great fortune...I think more people line up to get this shot than in front of it these days...I'm not bullshitting you, I rubbed them and now I'm a Gazillionaire. ;-)

FDNY still responding to anyone in need of help...and ready as they always are...God Bless.

The Immigrants.

We have struggled to build this country...We must not let ourselves down.

We look up to higher powers and have faith that can't be broken.

We have the courage and conviction to keep OUR America.

We will do whatever it takes to keep our FREEDOM.

...and we will Pray for our fellow brothers and sisters overseas fighting to keep our FREEDOM, that they receive a safe passage home. WE WILL REMEMBER.

We will NEVER forget.


Remember our lost friends, family and fellow Americans. God bless all.

Peace out Peeps.



  1. Vielen DANK für diesen wunderbaren Beitrag heute!
    Thank you so much!
    Liebe Grüße, Petra

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I am moved to tears. NYC...greatest city in the world!

  3. Thank you so much for this moving post. I shared my thoughts of the tragedy as a Malaysian in my post today.

    God Bless America!

  4. awww eddie, the same thoughtfullness went into this that you have always had. moving, very deeply moving. i cant even imagine what you feel walking around there. i too have a small post or 2 for 9/11. hope you'll stop by and read them both.

    i dont think anyone will ever forget this travesty... and just like when kennedy got shot, this is one of those things you can always say.. i remember where i was when 9/11 occurred...

    thank you for the beautifully emotional tribute. you are so kind.

    i'd like to know what you think of the assholes who are promoting the conspriracy theories that this is all a cover up for something our own government did... do you see those assholes around town, trying to promote their cause? if so, i bet you'd wanna just shake sense into them.

    hope your nephews and whole family are doing well... and yourself, too.

    god bless you.

    your friend in nebraska who would KILL for a grinder or ny slice of pizza anytime!



  5. You are right to remember those who perished in the 9/11 attacks.

    Living in Northern Ireland where we suffered terrorism (bombings and shootings) daily for many many years i have at least a little inkling of the horrors you folks when threw.

    The best revenge that you can take against those terrorists is live your lives the same as you always did, the way you want too regardless of what they throw at you.

  6. Thank u for sharing this.. I did not know about that huge book nor did I know about the other museum... I for one can't forget.. Its ingrained in my head forever cuz that was my wedding anniversary date and the same year my husband was killed. At the time I worked in a school and having to deal w/the kids who did not understand and who were told erroneous stories by their parents.. Stories that we had to correct..A lot of fear in school that day and we were thousands of miles away from NY.

  7. Thank you for sharing this moving tribute. May we always remember the lives lost that day, the horrific tragedy of it all and may we remain strong and steadfast. Rebuild and forever remember.

    Your Canadian friend,


  8. PS I was looking forward to your post on this day of remembrance. You didn't disappoint. So glad to see the rebuilding. My heartfelt condolences to all who lost loved ones that day and for those who suffer still. God bless.

  9. Your photos remind me how shocked I felt when this happened. I was impressed how the country came together and people were unified following 9/11. It is too bad it took such a horrible event and that the unity could not have lasted longer.

    Even though those images are disturbing to watch, it is important that we remember it. Thank you.

  10. Thanks you,KONYH, for these photos which help me remember that awful day. My wife and I visited NYC in late September when the smoke of destruction still hung in the New York air. I will never forget that smell nor what happened here 9 years ago.

  11. I remember. I also think of those rescue workers who suffer to this day because of their hard work on 9-11 and beyond. Thanks for this post and so many moving images.

  12. very moving post. sad, tragic, graphic, emotional, and finally uplifting. i lived downtown and watched in horror from my window. i will never forget that day, the horrible smell that lingered for a long time, and the fear we all felt for quite a while.
    peace, love and remembrance...

  13. There are no words other than to say...
    Thank you for sharing this amazing post.

  14. it brings it back to a reality for me, thank you. there were some elements in video, and photos, and what i saw that day that I probably intentionally directed my consciousness away from. but now after 9 years, now it can all be felt and understood. as for C, I have to say that I was a non-believer to some extent, I always knew it happened, but i wanted to fathom the guilt on something I could relate to, something common and comfortable. but it was the beginning of understanding the unrest in the middle-east, and the beginning of more americans becoming aware of the world's clashes.

    I hope C can understand that the people who don't hold their beliefs in the same way as the media reports it to the rest of the world are mostly doing that because they are scared, and insecure, and traumatized by such an event, on such a large scale they need to analyze it and glaze it over with conspiracies in order to deal with the pain. please don't hate them for that.

    anyway it was a very moving post as the others have said. and the clips of that day really bring back memories that make it all the more real.

  15. Great we shall never forget!!!

  16. God bless you for this wonderful tribute my friend. I dearly hope that I will get to meet you in person one day soon.

  17. Words cannot express, but thank you once again for a beautiful post. We will never forget!

  18. Of course I was thinking of you today, Edward, KONYH!! And then I was at the supermarket, and I saw a taxi that was cherry-red, and it said "CHICAGO Cherry Cab" and a number on the back, and I wanted to take a picture for you, thinking of all the great pictures you give us all year long, but when I went up to the nice-looking cab, the driver was taking a nap in the front seat.!!..all sawing logs, fast asleep drooling and everything, and I just couldn't do it, man...taking a photo of a sleeping cabbie could be bad JUJU and I did not want to risk it! *HAHA!

    <3 your heart is as big as the city you reign, King. Thanks for your memorial & god bless every soul touched in any way by the events of 9-11...

  19. I am at a loss for words. always write with so much passion. This is a very moving tribute. We will never forget. My nephew was an EMT working Ground Zero...he will never be the same. Ever. My heart goes out to all who lost family members and friends. I thought I would also pass along this link for you:

    Thank you Edward.

  20. Thanks for your kind words King..... They mean alot.....

    I didn't want to stop by yesterday....

    That's your day.....

    And mine.....

    And all of ours to just reflect.

    When I got my tat of the Towers a few years ago, someone asked me why would I get that tattoo'd on to me? "Why would you want to be reminded of that horrific day?"

    I said,"It's not to remind me. It's to remind you."

    I'll never stop remembering.....

    I'll never stop grieving that awful September morning.

    Be good to yourself bra.

  21. king...stunning, sobering tribute...tears...the vids hurt...seeing hope still alibe smiles...progress yes and no we will never forget...

  22. I found your blog off my cousin's blog. I would like to say thank you for this moving post, especially for including the tribute to the AmEx employees who died. My husband is an AmEx employee here in Europe and he knew about the 11 and is touched to know there is such a wonderful tribute to them.

  23. So, I read your disclaimer yesterday and you almost talked me out of reading your post. I have never been to NYC. Period. Thank you for sharing your walk with me. The photos are awesome. Your words are poignant. I couldn't watch the videos so I didn't. I remember seeing some of them 9 years ago. Cannot..will not..ever forget it.

  24. Thank you.

    Im in Jersey and absolutely overwhelmed with memories of that day, of the sirens, the military convoys, the jet fighters over head and the fear when they shut down Philly and my 13 year old was stranded on a train alone. And of watching watching watching watching and crying crying crying for weeks and weeks and weeks.

    We can not forget the heros and the victims and we can not allow the following generations to forget.

  25. Thanks for a very moving tribute to all of the Great Americans who were murdered on that horrible day. I had to force myself to read through to the end. Not because I was not interested in what you were saying and showing, but because my heart was crying out once again.
    Now the latest from the "elites" is that we are over reacting. There is no such word where this is concerned.

    Thanks again for an amazing post. And, no, we will NEVER FORGET!!!

  26. Very touching post. We will Never Forget that day. Thank you for sharing.

  27. Such an amazing, touching post. May we NEVER experience anything like that again.

  28. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for such an amazing post! I am an Oklahoman and know exactly how you feel.

    Thank you again for all the great posts most particularly this one...I have linked your blog on mine and can't wait for your next blog!!

    Lanny Dean
    Extreme Chase Tours LLC

  29. I won't say I enjoyed the tour because the memories are painful, but the hope and promise is good. Life is hard all day long every day. I don't know why it shocks me when is see this played out.

  30. Thank you for letting me see New York on 9/11 2010. I won't ever forget that day! Here in Michigan people were trying to make their way to New York to help. I remember the only thing I wanted to do was hold my daughter. I picked her up from school as soon as I heard the news. I won't ever forget!

    I especially like the opening video with the cleaners sign, I can't beleive the destruction caused and the murders, I'm glad you said murder instead of died. May the Lord always keep America safe and free!

  31. Thank you for stopping by my blog and thank you for this amazing post. We will never forget and we certainly do not need to forget...

  32. Thank you so much for sharing. Never forgotten, always mourned...

  33. this was really moving. my spirit started to come back up with the pulse returning to the area, as you say. your being real here, sharing your grief and anger, and gratitude and hope, make this so effective.
    thanks for swinging by my place. good to meecha:)

  34. You took me above, and beyond the disaster. A place every American man, woman, and child should know and learn. I thank you for taking the time to share a bit of history, a bit of yourself. God bless.

  35. Thank you for reminding us to remember. We must.

  36. I hope that mankind will never forget this tragedy and that the death of the people on this day were not in vain.

    A friend of mine lost her son on this tragedy.They never found his body .I guess the pain and grief of my friend will stay.But she drew strength from the hope that the tragedy of ground zero wil never happen ,again.

    Thanks for sharing.

  37. I am speechless other than to say: thank you.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Thank you so much.

  38. Well said and done King! You're the man. And we will NEVER forget!!!


  39. What an amazing post. Thank you for sharing the photographs.

    The video of people jumping was hard to watch, but so, so important.

    On Saturday, I told my children about what we were all doing on September 11, 2001. It was heartbreaking. And we were among the lucky ones.

  40. Ah King, you bring it my friend. Thank you for taking the time to let us not forget...:)

  41. What an incredible post. Thank-you for putting it together so beautifully to remind us.

  42. I have a serious urge to go to New York now. This post was so moving. Thank you. Some time in my life I would like to see the memorial. This was incredibly moving.

  43. From San Francisco, I watched in horror as it all took place on 9-11-01. A year later, I wrote a poem, "In Remembrance" which I included in my blog post this year.
    You moved me to tears with your incredible presentation - the videos and your narrative touched my heart and, of course, it is as fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday.

  44. It changed us it ways we still are discovering. Rebuilding the site is, of course, a priority but so is remembering. Some things will never be forgotten.

  45. This is a very good post with many great pictures. I just recently visited new york last week or so for the first time in my life. I saw many of the things that you took picture of.

    I did feel quite moved while I was at the 9/11 memorial site. Great pictures I enjoyed reading through your post.

  46. I have never had so much difficulty reading a post. I found my breath catching, my tears flowing, and my stomach hurting. I will never forget. It physically hurt me to read "murdered". Most of the time that word is not used, but that is exactly what happened. You did a great job on this post.

    I also want to thank you for the kind support you have provided for me during a difficult time.

  47. A great 9/11 post once again. Thanks for putting in the effort, it's becoming an an annual event! Don't know if you knew this, I think it's worth noting - St. Paul's Chapel, the oldest church in NYC, was President George Washington's place of worship when New York was the (first) capital of the United States. His pew and bible are in that church, as is the original painting of the Great Seal of the United States, which is on the back of the one dollar bill. St. Paul's, which as you know was directly beneath the Twin Towers, was undamaged by the collapse.

  48. Powerful post. Sitting here with tears streaming down my face. It is a day that I will never, ever forget. Ever.

    My friend's sister worked for Cantor Fitzgerald. She didn't get out in time. RIP Mia.

    I knew another woman who was the head purser on Flight 93 that crashed in Shanksville, PA. They slit her throat for trying to keep the hijackers out of the cockpit. RIP Debbie.

    I haven't been to NYC in a few years, and to Ground Zero. I will make sure I do on my next trip to your great city.

    Thank you, King, for sharing this with with us.

  49. This was very beautiful & moving. I have friends that were lost in the Pentagon. I used to live in Dobbs Ferry & spent every weekend I could in NYC. Thank you for such a loving & heartfelt post. It was so moving to see the actual progress & to read your thoughts.

  50. oh my, this is the most touching tribute I have seen in a long time. I am so glad I came here and saw this particular post.

    I cannot imagine what it was like to be there. Terrifying and unbelievable, but so real.

    Thank you for sharing, cabbie!

  51. You pour so much of your heart and soul into your posts. I read through, looked at the videos and pictures, and am basically speechless, not only by the events, but by how thoroughly you captured the devastation and gave glory where it was deserved. Bravo!

  52. Hi - I am certainly delighted to find this. Good job!

  53. Your post is amazing and the photos certainly capture the spirit of your city.

    I will never forget.